4 April 2016

Two new products from Hamamatsu

New Mid-Wavelength IR Detector

Hamamatsu Photonics introduces the latest development in infrared detector technology with the P13243 detector. These InAsSb (Indium Arsenide Antimonite) sensors are an eco-friendly alternative to Lead Salt detectors while still maintaining a competitive sensitivity.

This new detector offers high sensitivity over 2.5µm to 5.3µm range with detectivity peaking at 1x10^9 (cmHz/W). Since these detectors are uncooled, they have low power consumption and a similarly low price; making it competitive with pyrometer technology. Since these detectors are photovoltaic, they also require much simpler electronics.

These characteristics make the P13243 an extremely versatile detector for the detection and measurement of CO² and various hydrocarbons in applications such as gas sensing and environmental monitoring.

New CMOS Linear Image Sensors
The new S11637 and S12198 series of CMOS linear image sensors features electronic shutter and gain switching functionalities.

The S11637 series has a pixel pitch of 12.5µm; one-half that of our previous type, while the S12198 retains the 25µm pixel pitch of the previous type (S10453). Both sensors feature high UV sensitivity, a 10MHz maximum data rate and have a built-in timing generator, allowing operation with only start and clock pulse inputs.

With the features mentioned above and the wide dynamic range and excellent linearity, these sensors are ideally designed for applications such as spectrometry and image reading.

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