25 April 2016

Tube specialist Schoeller Werk and laser manufacturer ROFIN are connected by a 25-year partnership

Since the installation of their first laser welding systems 25 years ago, there has been a close partnership between Schoeller Werk, Hellenthal, Germany (international manufacturers of longitudinally-welded stainless steel tubes) and the Hamburg laser specialists from ROFIN. Schoeller Werk has recently installed the ROFIN 6 kW DC 060 laser and latest Profile Welding System (PWS). The PWS is a complete laser welding system for tubes and profiles with integrated process sensors for gap recognition and seam tracking.

The “Weld Sensor”, which works in real time, makes it possible for the user to observe the welding process and use the integrated control system to make automatic corrections to the welding position at speeds of up to 60 m/min with positional accuracy of just a few μm. The control panel makes easy and clear operation of all system functions possible. The optionally available seam inspector can also be controlled and monitored via the panel.

The modular design of the PWS and standardised interfaces facilitate easy integration – even in existing systems. The proven beam control system allows for safe operation under industrial conditions. The PWS works with almost zero maintenance and is not sensitive to oil, dirt, dust, moisture or electrical disturbance variables, which are the best conditions for use even in rugged industrial environments.

With this, Schoeller Werk is pursuing the goal of storing all process parameters in a database to improve the reproducibility of the processes and simplify operation of the systems. In addition, seam inspection will be used downstream from the welding process, which will be analysed directly at the welding station with all process parameters.

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