12 May 2016

TRUMPF delivers high quality edge preparation for welding seams

Although bevelling is mature technology – the first TRUMPF beveller was launched over 50 years ago – there remains continued demand from industry for technology that is able to provide high quality edge preparation for welding seams.

TRUMPF offers the TruTool TKF series of bevellers. Here, smaller models such as the TruTool TKF 700 weigh just 5.4 kg, which provides the advantage that they are not exclusively for shop use, but are portable and can be used away from the factory at a customer’s site, for example.

The TruTool TKF 700 can be used to prepare edges on sheet metal up to 20 mm thick in the vertical or horizontal position, or even overhead. It can either be guided by hand or mounted on a workstation for static use. The unit requires no extra tools to adjust the bevel height and sheet thickness, and comes with fixed angle cutter mounts that help users produce bevel angles of 30°, 37.5° or 45° to suit their specific welding requirements. A quick-release lock allows three defined directions for tool carrier setting.

With the TruTool TKF 700, users can prepare pipe with a minimum inside diameter of 80 mm, while bevels can be produced inside cut-outs starting at 90 mm diameter, and curved edges with a minimum radius of 40 mm.

Every model in the range – from the TruTool TKF 700 to the TKF 1100 and 1500, and up to the TruTool TKF 2000 – chips away the material in a uniform manner. This not only makes for minimum surface roughness, but the cut is metallically bright and free of oxides, thus delivering perfect conditions for welding without reworking.

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