18 May 2016

ROFIN's EasyMark - optimised for industrial series production

With the EasyMark, ROFIN offers an extremely compact tabletop laser marking system, which is also suitable for engraving and cutting of thin metal. The range of application covers single part production with manual part loading as well as automated manufacturing of small to medium lot sizes. For both types of applications ROFIN now offers additional options.

Automatic door lock for security-related marking tasks
The AutoLock option automatically locks the door during the marking process. This will avoid any unintentional interruptions. This is an essential prerequisite for any security-related marking tasks like product identification code or security code marking. In batch manufacturing of medical devices, automobile or aerospace parts an incomplete marking process will almost certainly cause the entire batch to be lost.

Mini-SPS interface for automated production
The optional available mini-SPS interface allows for closer integration into automated production lines. The Mini-SPS interface adds actively generated signals, e.g. for part identification, to the standard interface.

SmartView - Easy and precise marking layout positioning with real image overlay
For marking of precious and unique pieces layout positioning is a crucial task. Replacement is expensive or even impossible. SmartView is the solution. Overlaying the real image onto the engraving layout a positioning accuracy of up to 30 μm can be realized with the first shot. For even higher demands a high-precision TTL camera ("through-the-lense") set-up is available, providing accuracy of up to 1 μm.

On-The-Fly (OTF) engraving all around rings without any distortions and visible seams
Deep engraving all around rings without any distortions and visible seams is provided by the new On-The-Fly engraving option. OTF is especially suitable for widespread engravings on rings that usually require tiling of the pattern. Instead the process is performed on-the-fly without stopping the rotation of the ring. The set-up of the engraving job is supported by the well-established EasyGUI software interface which takes care of all required special settings.

Image: deep engraving with 
perfect contour definition

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