20 May 2016

Alltube backs growth strategy with BLM investment

The introduction of a BLM ELECT 102 tube manipulation system at Daventry-based Alltube is making a significant difference to the business in terms of productivity, manufacturing versatility and reductions in operating costs and environmental impact. These benefits are impacting on Alltube’s overall business, with monthly turnover rising eight-fold and this trend set to continue thanks to the performance gains provided by the BLM ELECT machine. The introduction of a BLM ELECT 102 all electric tube manipulation system has enabled Alltube to greatly increase its machine capacity and significantly improve manufacturing efficiency.

The BLM ELECT 102 is a 10-axis machine capable of bending tube up to 102 mm diameter with a 2mm wall thickness. Another key feature of the ELECT 102 is its ability to stack eight sets of tooling, which is assisting in reducing set-up times considerably. This increase in productivity is due in part to the control system of the BLM ELECT 102, which manages all the critical machine setting parameters such as clamping, pressure die, mandrel and centre line radius data. 

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