24 May 2016

From beam source to cutting head - the complete 'All-In-Light' package from Precitec

With the new ‘All-In-Light’ package, Precitec offers an attractive solution for the complete optical chain – from the laser and the laser light fibre to the cutting head. This package is made possible by a strategic cooperation with TRUMPF. It makes the disc laser technology, proven and appreciated in the industrial environment, available for manufacturers of flatbed and tube cutting machines.

“This cooperation enables us, on the one hand, to offer the complete optical chain for laser cutting from a single source and, on the other hand, to advance new developments even more specifically in order to provide the customer with a perfectly coordinated, optimal package including some sophisticated extra features. Our customers benefit from the combination of state-of-the-art laser technology and innovative cutting head technology plus the additional benefits provided by a ‘One-Stop-Shop’ giving a reduction in complexity and easier sourcing and purchasing of parts.  For this reason, we chose the name ‘All-In-One’, i.e. ‘All-In-Light’, for the project”, explains the CEO of Precitec, Dr. Thilo Wersborg.

At the same time, Precitec will continue to maintain its independence and cooperate closely with all laser source manufacturers in the interest of its customers. Thus, the company can optimally respond to customer wishes and offer tailored solutions.  

For several years now, the disc laser technology has been proving its extraordinary worth in industrial laser cutting and welding. This technology is characterised by highest performance stability, easy servicing and low costs. Precitec offers the ‘All-In-Light’ cutting package internationally with a power of 1 to 6 kW. 8 kW are currently being tested and solutions for up to 10 kW are already being developed. Furthermore, Precitec has been successful in significantly improving the cutting quality – especially regarding the nitrogen cutting of stainless steel with thicknesses exceeding 30 mm – in recent months by targeted product developments. In this way OEM customers and job shops are given the opportunity to equip their cutting systems even more competitively – in the field of both thin and thick sheets. 

Image: The ‘All-In-Light’ cutting package ​

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