1 July 2016

Carrs go large with new 6 kW disk laser

Carrs have gone to the next stage of their capital spend on the latest TRUMPF 6 kW disk laser. The laser provides important backup for the 4 kW disk already installed at Carrs and, being situated in different factories, allows Carrs to have crucial production cover for all their product lines.

The YAG laser will weld 6 mm (and more depending on the joint) of steel and aluminium. Titanium can be welded up to 5 mm.

With a wavelength of 1030 nm and beam quality of 8 mm mrad, this machine is now the best Carrs has in the building; it has a good working envelope and still welds well with varying joint focus and fit up. Gear welding with the improved beam quality means beautiful neat deep welds are possible every time.



Applications include:-

  • Lithium ion cell welding of high current terminals with 5mm low impedance contacts. High current pack assembly for Energy Stores and KERS packs.
  • Large assemblies or fabrications of titanium or aluminium or steel can welded on dedicated jigs.
  • Transmission components. Retaining rings on “un-weldable” gears. Drum assemblies and clutch parts.
  • Turbos and Superchargers, in dissimilar metals.
  • Taylor welded blanks in steel or aluminium.

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