12 July 2016

ROFIN launches new manual laser welding machines

ROFIN celebrates the launch of its new manual laser welding systems Performance Unlimited and Performance Open. ROFIN offers its manual laser welding systems in three variants. The well-known Performance will now be complemented with another closed laser system and an open class IV workstation — a product range which offers comprehensive solutions for almost every manual laser welding task from small up to long and bulky pieces.


Performance Unlimited - a brand new laser safety concept

The new Performance Unlimited offers a high degree of flexibility in parts handling and a closed, laser-safe working chamber. Thus the laser workstation can be operated without costly additional technical precautions. Laser safety is provided by a combination of a mechanical rocker that also works as a hand rest and a highly laser-proof multi-layer safety curtain.

It’s the details that make the new systems outstanding. The ergonomic hand rest is made of wood providing very comfortable haptic feedback. Additionally the hand rest acts as a mechanical rocker that follows the arm movement and adapts to the operator’s working position. As an option both side walls can be equipped with brush inserts which can be mounted horizontally or vertically; especially useful for welding on circumferential surfaces of long pieces or tubes of arbitrary length. The base plate features a removable insert and a laser-proof, flexible textile bag. With this design, end-face welding of long work pieces, a task usually requiring special solutions, is made easy.

Performance Open

Besides the Performance Unlimited, ROFIN offers an entirely open laser class IV workstation, the Performance Open — a solution that allows a maximum degree of freedom while working on long and bulky parts.

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