20 July 2016

Yorkshire Laser and Fabrication takes a firm stand on waste

One of Yorkshire’s leading laser and fabrication companies has invested £10k to reduce waste and use of raw materials. Yorkshire Laser and Fabrication (YLF), in Castleford provides laser cutting and makes enclosures and brackets for companies in the oil and gas, telecommunications lighting and automotive industries. YLF wanted to cut waste and boost profitability so adopted a series of measures that has helped it achieve ISO 14,001 environmental accreditation.

The six month process was lead by Yorkshire Laser quality manager, Ivor Goodenough, who analysed existing company production and investigated the most effective ways to cut waste including gas, air, water and electricity and disposal methods.  

It demanded a radical change of operation for the company which was started 40 years ago by Garnett Orford and is now run buy his son, Matthew, and employs 35 people at the Phillip Street factory.

“We had to look at our total disposal system which flagged up we could make savings in areas such as the disposal of the bi-products of compressed air, the risk to the environment from any spills we might cause as well as the amount of packaging we use which we have dramatically cut.

Over six months Ivor supervised a complete re think of the company ethos on waste, refuse disposal and usage of raw materials to achieve the ISO 14001 first time.

At the same time Yorkshire Laser has invested heavily in a new fabrication workshop which is environmentally cutting edge and employs energy efficient emergency lighting.

Managing Director, Matt Orford said ISO 14,001 goes hand in hand with the ISO 9,001 certification which is the industry standard quality seal of approval.

“We at Yorkshire Laser have always been professional but such accreditations help to give us an edge,” said Matt.  “We have to show customers we are environmentally sound and now we have the governmental certificate to prove it”.  

Image: Matt Orford, Managing Director

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