3 August 2016

Concept Laser prints concept car parts

The EDAG concept car, named “Light Cocoon”, is a compact sports car with design inspired by nature and constructed using additive manufacturing, covered with an outer skin made from weatherproof textile material. 

The nodes of the space-frame are 3D printed in metal and combined with intelligently processed steel profiles. Thanks to additive manufacturing, the nodes can be configured to be highly flexible and multifunctional so that, for example, different versions of a vehicle can be produced “on demand” without any additional tooling, equipment and start-up costs. 

The nodes were manufactured on an X line 1000R machine from Concept Laser which has the appropriate build envelope for such projects and operates with a 1kW laser. The spaceframe body of the concept car combines the advantages of 3D printing, namely flexibility and design for lightweight construction, with the efficiency of proven conventional profile designs. The technology used in this novel product design is available from ES Technology, the local supplier for UK and Ireland of systems solutions by Concept Laser.

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