5 August 2016

LASER COMPONENTS offers inexpensive containment solutions for lower power lasers

Even lasers with comparatively low power levels require efficient protection. This however does not have to mean bulky and expensive laser safety barriers. For this purpose, we offer a new and cost efficient material, offering sufficient protection for power levels of up to 100W/cm² for 100s (test parameters: 1064nm, 2.82mm beam diameter).

The matte black SLC-100WB material is flexible and offers the same level of laser protection on both sides. Suited for all standard laser types from 190nm to 11,000nm and CE certified according to DIN EN12254.

As with all laser containment products offered by LASER COMPONENTS, this material is offered in completely custom sizing and multiple formats including wall or ceiling mounted curtains, window shades and free standing barriers. All mounting hardware is included, providing you with a complete laser containment solution, tailored to your setting. 

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