29 November 2016

ELUXI supplies mirSense, industrial quantum cascade lasers and spectrometers

Quantum Cascade Lasers & Spectrometers

mid-IR Lasers (DFB and Fabry-Perot) -Single Mode and Broadband

Wavelength coverage: 4-10 μm

Low and high power (multi-Watt) options



uniMir - High performance single frequency lasers

  • Ideally suited for chemical spectroscopy, particularly in QCW mode
  • Easy to integrate, electronics provided
  • Ideal replacement for NDIR sources providing 1000x improvement in SNR
  • Affordable, no compromise performance

multiMir - The alternative to external cavity tuneable lasers

  • Premium quality tuneable lasers
  • Offering unprecedented performance levels
  • 100% semiconductor-based component, with no moving parts
  • Delivering up to 100 cm-1 of wavelength tuning
  • Ultra compact, cost-effective, robust and reliable

multiSense - Ultra compact laser-based spectrometer for multi-gas device development

  • Combining the performances of multiple lasers simultaneously with the compactness (matchbox) of photo-acoustic detection.
  • Detection of up to 10 gases using selectable wavelengths eg: CO, CO2, NO, NO2, NO, SO2, SO3, HS, NH3, CH4 etc.
  • Cost efficient, particularly in production volumes.

powerMir - High power lasers for demanding environments

  • Multi Watt lasers
  • No ITAR limitations


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