28 December 2016

Latest services from Blueacre Technology

Blueacre Technology specialty in the development and manufacture of highly accurate, laser micromachining equipment used to process various materials for the medical device industry.


Laser Drilled Invisible Holes

The human eye has a resolution of 0.1mm at a distance of 1m, so if a feature is below this sixed then it becomes difficult to be seen. Drilling holes below 50um diameter ensures that they are invisible to the naked eye.

This innovative laser technique is being used by manufacturers such as Apple and Tesla to redefine how displays are created and used.

High Precision Laser Marking

Laser Marking with Micron accuracy requires Blueacre Technology expertise.

Blueacre Technology offers high accuracy laser marking solutions for the medical, aerospace and automotive industries.

White Paper on Laser Wire Stripping

When mechanical stripping fails, laser can be used to strip high end wires. Due to the non-contact nature of the laser process along with the ability to accurately control the laser energy, high quality stripping can be carried out quickly and effectively.

Portable Laser Marking

Blueacre Technology has developed a range of portable laser marking systems capable of marking parts of any size.

Mobile stands allow laser marking to be brought to CNC equipment, enabling a new range of laser marking processes.

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