6 January 2017

II-VI Infrared Introduces Optics for 10 kW Class Fibre and Direct Diode Lasers

The II-VI Infrared Division of II‐VI Incorporated has announced the introduction of a new line of optics designed for 10 kW class fibre and direct diode lasers. The next generation fibre and direct diode lasers have surpassed 10 kW output power as they broaden their range of applications in metal cutting and welding, as well as additive manufacturing. II-VI Infrared’s improved lens quality enables these lasers to maintain high reliability at high power levels and over long periods of time.  

“II-VI Infrared is a vertically integrated world leader of CO2 laser optics with our ZnSe optics optimised in the 10 micron wavelength range,” said John Ryan, Vice President of Sales, II-VI Infrared. “With our new 10 kW line of optics we now expand into the fast growing market for high power one micron optics for fibre lasers and direct diode lasers.”

II-VI Infrared’s new line of optics is made from low-absorbing fused silica substrates.  With a high performance proprietary IBS coating, they achieve less than 10 ppm of total absorption loss.  The new 10 kW optics are available in many complex shapes used in today’s high power beam shaping applications such as aspheres, axicons and high aspect ratio lenses. 

II‐VI Infrared’s new line of 10 kW one micron optics complement its existing portfolio of products for fiber and direct diode lasers, which include variable radius mirrors, debris windows, laser processing heads and optics to fibre-couple direct diode lasers.

II-VI Infrared will showcase its new 10 kW one micron optics at SPIE Photonics West, 31 January –  2 February 2017, and will be exhibiting at ILAS 2107, Grantham, UK, 22-23 March 2017.

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