25 January 2017

Intelligent App Simplifies Scan System Selection from SCANLAB

SCANLAB GmbH, experienced in developing and manufacturing high-quality scan solutions, now simplifies scan system selection via its SCANcalc calculation app. This free iOS / Android app lets users select appropriate scan heads for their specific requirements at the touch of a button. For example, the app instantly calculates scan system spot size and precision at a definable focal length. SCANcalc also integrates other helpful functions, formulas and a terminology glossary – all available offline to make your day-to-day laser processing work easier.

Regardless of your application, selecting the correct laser processing scan solution is always a challenge. After all, numerous factors affect which scan system is ideal for such diverse requirements as high laser powers, fastest marking speeds or highest possible micro-structuring precision. For example, if you know the desired laser spot size on a workpiece, then SCANcalc helps you easily determine a specific scan head's optimum aperture and beam diameter.

SCANLAB's free app is designed to precisely calculate spot or entrance beam diameters and allows iterative determination of the best solution for your application. Additionally, the app's integrated SCANpedia glossary provides clear explanations of laser and photonics terminology. Access is always available even offline (i.e. without an internet connection). Making the new app a helpful tool for laser processing users and experts.

SCANcalc is available in English or German from the iTunes and Google Play app stores and will get regular updates – to reflect new product innovations etc.

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