15 February 2017

ACSYS Technik introduces their latest laser technology at the World Money Fair 2017

Equipped with the latest generation of a picosecond laser, the modular design of the system allows configuration with a femtosecond laser or a current fibre laser system. The PIRANHA®µ PICO is compact yet flexible and is capable of being equipped with a second laser source as a dual laser system.

The PIRANHA®µ is specially developed for the coin industry and high-precision applications. The laser system combines up to five solutions for specific requirements of the coin-producing industry.

Features of the PIRANHA®µ

Digitisation – Any material from: plaster, stamps, coins etc. is scanned with precision.

3D Lasergravur - 3D surface structures can scan on various materials, and directly on mint stamps.

Microgravur - Certificate of authenticity in µ-range.
Frosting and Surface Structuring - Targeted frosting and novel optical effects through precise structuring.
Edge marking- Laser engraving of rolling a knurling tools.

Ultra-high resolution cameras and dual camera view

The high-resolution camera provides a preview of the workpiece to be processed on the computer monitor. Within the AC-LASER software you have the possibilities to design and position texts, 2D and 3D data directly onto the image of the workpiece, as well as defining contours for frosting.

The laser inscribes, engraves and frees exactly according to the design template and the material specifications specified in the software. The highest degree of precision is provided by a dual chamber solution.


Digitisation and depth measurement system

Digitisation as well as depth measurement is based on the technique of conoscopic holography and allows extremely precise 3D digital images from all surfaces, gypsum models, pre-press stamps or directly from coins and medals.

The resulting 3D file can be used for production and reproduction, and editing is easier with the software and other CAD programs. The advantages of this non-contact method are the high speeds and the low measuring grid spacing. An absolute accuracy of 2 µm can be achieved with the change-over system.  The ODC- Online depth measuring system works exactly according to the same principle as the digitisation thus offers during the 3D engraving a high-precision optical removal control

Precision and efficiency

The PIRANHA®µ offers the user a variety of functions for the production of coin stamps. In addition, the PIRANHA®µ also enables serial production of several embossing tools in one operation. Different devices hold the blanks in their position.

The programming is carried out in the same way as the single piece production via the camera-supported LAS-Live Adjust System®. Several 3D laser engraving, surface structuring and frosting of different stamp blanks can be produced in one operation. The special glass traversing axes, the granite portal and the granite table embedded in polymer concrete offer exceptional precision.

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