5 April 2017

iF DESIGN AWARD 2017 for user interface design of the M LINE FACTORY from Concept Laser

The user interface of the CL WRX 3.0 software suite from Concept Laser has won the iF DESIGN AWARD 2017. The intuitively operated, ergonomically optimised and user-oriented interface of the software suite impressed the international jury. Concept Laser teamed up with HMI Project (Germany) to develop an HTML5-based user interface for interactive dialog between the user and the additive manufacturing machine production environment.

The open, standard-based HTML5 technology permits the separation of design, content and functionality. This enables rapid testing and prototyping. Intuitive gestures and multitouch and easy integration of semantic animations are also supported. The system allows uniform, system-independent presentation and responsive behavior for different screen sizes and types of terminal devices. It is also very easy for functions to be expanded on this technical basis.

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