12 April 2017

Fraunhofer CLA chooses Lasermet's Laser Castle

Lasermet recently installed its Laser Castle laser safety cabin at Fraunhofer Center for Laser Applications (CLA), in Plymouth, Michigan USA. The cabin, which measures 6.6 m wide x 5.5 m deep x 3.6 m tall, enables the facility to accommodate substantial high powered laser machines and related equipment including the ability to house laser welding robots.

As Fraunhofer CLA uses lasers up to 16kW, the only failsafe way to ensure the safety of personnel outside the cabin is to shut down the laser if an inadvertent laser strike occurs. This is achieved by covering the inside of the cabin with active laser guarding panels which are electrically connected to the interlock controller. These panels are constantly monitored by the interlock controller and if any of these are struck by the laser, the controller isolates the laser safety input within 50ms, shutting down the laser virtually immediately and preventing the escape of the beam into the surrounding area.

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