5 June 2017

Cranfield University's Stewart Williams wins TWI welding award

TWI has announced that Cranfield University’s Professor Stewart Williams, Chair in Welding Science and Engineering and Director of the Welding Engineering and Laser Processing Centre (WELP), has been awarded their prestigious Larke-Lillicrap Award for 2017. The award recognises Stewart Williams’ work developing WELP’s reputation as a centre for excellence in the UK in welding and welding-related technologies.

The Larke-Lillicrap Award is given annually to the person or team who has had most influence or impact on the practical application of novel welding or joining knowledge or technology. Under Professor William’s leadership, WELP has built up a strong, extensive laser processing (including welding) portfolio, making it a centre of expertise in processes such as laser welding science, laser hybrid welding for pipelines, laser-assisted MIG welding for hyperbaric applications, fundamentals of laser powder-based additive manufacturing and pulsed laser processing.

The Centre also has a major industrially-focused programme on additive manufacturing of large-scale engineering structures using wire + arc technology. This programme has more than 20 industry partners and recently produced the world’s largest 3D printed metal part in the form of a six-metre-long, 300 kg aluminium spar.

Professor Williams said: “It is great honour for me to be given the Larke-Lillicrap award. I am very pleased that we have been able to make a notable contribution to the joining and latterly additive manufacture fields. This has been largely due to the outstanding team that we have here at the Welding Centre and I would personally like to thank them all for their contributions over the years”.

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