12 June 2017

Bystronic app optimises sheet metalworking processes

Swiss sheet metalworking machinery manufacturer, Bystronic, has introduced a new app that monitors in real time all processes taking place within its laser cutting machines, press brakes and water jet cutting machines. Called ByCockpit, the software fits neatly with the digital networking requirements of Industry 4.0. It evaluates the collected data and generates status reports, allowing factory output to be optimised.

During its development, Bystronic’s IT specialists asked a number of companies how they retrieve information from their sheet metalworking machines to analyse and improve their production. Most said that extracting data and subsequently translating it into usable information is very time-consuming.

Running on a laptop, smartphone or tablet, ByCockpit generates reports while the machines are producing parts, providing immediate feedback so that action can be taken, if necessary. One report is the ‘sunburst’ view, which displays the status of the factory at a glance. Green bars indicate machines that are currently in operation, while a red bar signifies idle time. A blue bar denotes machines that are connected to an assembly line.

The material performance window shows how many usable parts have been cut using the ByStar Fiber and the amount of waste. The machine availability window breaks down the machine’s run times, idle times and changeover times. If idle times are too long, another window provides information about the cause. Did the ByStar Fiber have to wait too long for raw metal sheets, or did parts that were not removed fast enough block the machine’s shuttle table?

All Bystronic’s latest-generation machines are ready to be connected to ByCockpit. A connectivity kit is installed as a gateway to each machine, which also acts as a firewall. Via this connection, machine data is collected, encrypted and sent to a cloud server. The highest standards of security ensure that no conclusions can be drawn in the cloud about a user’s data. It is analysed and processed so that it can be visualised only in the customer’s ByCockpit-enabled devices.

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