20 June 2017

Duright grows following investment in BLM all electric benders

Duright grows following investment in BLM all electric benders

Wednesbury-based Duright Engineering has adopted laser tube cutting from an early stage. With the family-owned business looking to continue its growth strategy, managing director Ross Taylor had two options, more of the same, or diversify and expand the tube bending side of the business. Taking the second option has proved highly successful, with turnover increasing by more than 55 per cent in the last financial year. Much of this growth attributed to the addition of two BLM ELECT all-electric tube benders.

Duright already operates four BLM tube laser machines 24 hours, six days a week, the latest of these being the ADIGE LT FIBER tube laser systems. Duright was one of the first in the UK to adopt fibre optic laser and it is very unusual for the tube sector to be leading the flat sheet sector, but when it came to fibre laser the tube industry was way ahead of the curve.

With the success of its tube laser business it would be the easy option to further expand this and bring in more of the same, but the greater potential for business growth came from tube bending. The decision was taken to invest in two ELECT, all-electric, multi-stack tube benders from BLM.



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