4 July 2017

Coherent Introduces New air-cooled fibre optic cables

Coherent has introduced RQB Fibre Optic Cables – new air-cooled, beam delivery, fibre optic cables with a standard QBH interface, for use with fibre lasers operating at CW power levels up to 1.5 kW (and pulsed lasers as high as 1 MW).  This makes these new cables an attractive option for cost sensitive applications level and also enhances system simplicity when utilised with air-cooled fibre lasers. 

RQB Fibre Optic Cables incorporate quartz block technology, which enables the use of anti-reflection coatings to reduce overall losses to under 3%.  Additionally, these cables feature a mode stripper to prevent unwanted back reflections or pump light from propagating in the cladding, as well as an integrated thermo-switch in the connector to protect against overheating.  They also include a safety interlock that continuously monitors the status of the fibre.  RQB Fiber Optic Cables are available with core diameters from 50 µm to 1000 µm, a 0.20 numerical aperture, in lengths of 5 m to 200 m.

The use of external water cooling extends the RQB maximum power rating to 3 kW.  Plus, the option of a square cross-section core delivers an essentially “flat-top” square beam with dimensions ranging from 100 µm x 100 μm to 1000 µm x 1000 μm.  

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