10 July 2017

Litron Lasers builds new fully diode pumped Nano TRLi-DP.

Building on Litron’s extremely versatile and successful Nano TRLi platform, the new Nano TRLi DP series comprises a set of fully diode pumped electro-optically Q-switched pulsed Nd:YAG lasers with output energies of up to 170mJ and repetition rates of up to 200Hz.                        

The Nano TRLi DP series are based around Litron’s birefringence compensating twin-rod resonator giving high homogeneity output beams. The laser resonator is housed in a body machined from solid aluminium to ensure high mechanical and optical integrity. State-of-the-art diode pump modules and extremely low current ripple electronics give rise to outputs with industry leading stabilities of better than 0.2% RMS at 1064nm over a six-hour period.

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