7 August 2017

Renovation of Old Piano Factory Gets Cutting Edge Look

The renovation of an old piano factory in London has been given a cutting-edge new look with the help from Cutting Technologies Ltd.

The factory in Camden has been converted into 15 residential apartments with the whole interior of the building being remodelled and the exterior repaired.

Having been commissioned by London based Ambigram Architects, they had laser cut several panels for balustrades which transform the building’s main communal staircase.

Using 3mm mild steel, the staircase design follows that of floating treads cantilevering from the wall with the aim of the balustrades being to create something eye catching whilst adhering to building regulations.

Using advanced digital design techniques, a gradient pattern of perforations across the balustrades was created.

These balustrades prove why laser cutting has always been great for custom designs and creativity.

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