11 August 2017

Trailer manufacturer doubles productivity with Bystronic fibre laser

A factory in Bolton specialising in the production of trailers invested in a Bytronic fibre laser, replacing an old CO2 laser, and has seen productivity double. The company, Indespension, part- exchanged the old machine with the ByStar Fiber 6520 which has a 4 kW fibre laser and a 6.5 metre x 2 metre capacity bed.

Steve Sadler, Indespension’s purchasing director said, “The acquisition of the Bystronic fibre laser helps us to deliver on these aims as well as providing a much-needed increase in production capacity. It also marks our commitment to UK manufacturing, which is an important part of our company ethos.”

The staff at Indespension were trained and entered full production shortly after, resulting in less down-time. The fibre laser compared to a CO2 laser is faster, cost effective and reduces labour intensive tasks that would otherwise cause delays in production.  

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