7 September 2017

LaserAge Offers Free Trials of Laser Cleaning

LaserAge will be giving live demonstrations on laser cleaning equipment on the 14th September 2017 at Cyan Tec Systems (39 Hayhill Industrial Estate, Barrow Upon Soar, Loughborough UK, LE12 8LD).   

From 9am to 2pm, laser cleaning trials will be available to anyone arriving with a sample.  Visitors will be able to see instantly the effects of laser cleaning on their samples and even carry out the cleaning themselves to experience the process first hand.  No cost is involved but please bear in mind that LaserAge cannot be responsible for the results, in case the sample is damaged. 

The event is free to attend and no pre-registration is required – Cyan Tec Systems has kindly provided the space for visitors to see the process in action and have a go at cleaning their own samples.  Laser cleaning can remove oxide layers, contaminants, paints, release agents, rust (light) and many other surface coatings.  Instant results will determine if the parts are suited to this versatile cleaning process.

A manual portable hand-held 50W laser cleaning machine will be used which with 50W average power is able to demonstrate proof-of-principle even though a higher power unit might suit the specific application better. For thicker layers of rust/paint, scale-ability is the key point.  Typically, a 500W laser will remove rust 10 times faster than a 50W model.

On the previous day, LaserAge will be presenting at the AILU workshop on Laser Cleaning in Coventry.  This one-day technology transfer workshop is all about Laser Cleaning and  “includes presentations by laser system manufacturers, automation integrators, end users and academics researching this application.  Alongside the presentations will be networking opportunities and a small exhibition of suppliers.  At the close of the workshop will be an opportunity to tour the new FANUC UK facility which opened in 2017, to see the machinery and robots that FANUC can supply”.


Visitors can find out more about the event and register using the link:

FANUC,UK have kindly provided the venue for this workshop. 

The location is:

Sapphire Way, Ansty, COVENTRY, UK, CV7 9DR -


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