4 October 2017

Newport introduces non-magnetic UHV Picomoto Actuators

MKS Instruments, Inc. (NASDAQ: MKSI) announces the release of the New Focus 83xx-UHV-NM Series of Picomotor actuators with Kapton™ wires.

The actuators provide 12.7 mm or 25.4 mm of travel and are ideal for applications requiring low magnetic susceptibility and permeability such as e-beam lithography, particle acceleration, scientific MRI scanning, Life and Health Sciences and non-mag OEM applications.

The new Picomotor actuators can be used in ultra-high vacuum environments and are perfectly suited for beam steering and other scientific motion control applications in vacuum down to 10-9 Torr as well as in radiation applications where Kapton wiring is required. The actuators provide better than 30 nm resolution with minimal backlash, high stiffness and a load capacity of 22 N. Since Picomotor actuators will only move when voltage is applied to the piezo, users can be confident that their set-up will stay put with set-and-forget long-term stability even when the system is powered down.

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