5 October 2017

Ultra-narrow line-width fibre laser is latest addition to the Eluxi laser range

The LN-UNNL is a 1550 nm ultra-narrow line-width fibre laser and is the latest addition to ELUXI’s laser range. The newly designed ultra-narrow optical fibre filter guarantees the single frequency feature of this fibre laser.

Additionally, the temperature control technology and vibration-proof structure reduce the impact of external temperature changes, vibration and shock to maintain a stable single longitudinal mode output and prevent mode hopping. The output power of the monochromatic ultra-narrow line-width fibre light source is up to 50 mW, with additional options available.





  • Ultra-narrow line-width, typically <3kHz
  • High output optical power
  • Variable optical power 
  • Benchtop and modular structures are optional
  • High stability and high reliability
  • Excellent thermal adaptability



  • Fibre optic sensing
  • Distributed optical sensing
  • Non-linear research
  • Coherent communication


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