13 October 2017

New laser deflection unit from RAYLASE combines maximum precision with top speed

RAYLASE has modified its tried and tested AXIALSCAN-30 laser beam deflection unit with a digitally controlled high-speed Z axis. It is controlled by means of the new digital linear translator module LT-II-15. 20-bit resolution is achieved with the SL2-100 protocol, while the XY2-100 protocol enables 16-bit resolution. With extremely low noise, high-precision positioning of the laser process is guaranteed. This is because of the digital PWM output stages, the linear translator module offers minimal power loss and heat development. This reduces drift values significantly. It also eliminates the need for cost-intensive water cooling. As a result, the laser deflection unit offers a price-performance ratio plus greatly reduced operating costs.

The AXIALSCAN-30 DIGITAL is extremely flexible as fields from 100 mm x 100 mm to 1,800 mm x 1,800 mm can be processed with the smallest spot diameters. Scribing, cutting, perforating, welding and drilling are all natural applications for the unit, as are micro-material processing, the processing of textiles and moving parts, and 3D applications. The AXIALSCAN-30 DIGITAL also provides an efficient solution for additive manufacturing. With its dynamic responses and the option of tracking error compensation in connection with the SP-ICE-3 control card, this deflection unit meets the highest standards. RAYLASE offers a wide range of lenses, protective glass and deflection mirrors for all standard applications and laser sources. 

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