27 October 2017

Lightweight bending tools from TRUMPF make set-up easy

The manual installation of upper tools in bending machines can be difficult and time-consuming as the tools themselves are heavy.  By the same token, it can also be a health and safety concern, especially if the job has multiple different bending requirements.  With the new patented lightweight tools from TRUMPF these problems no longer apply.

The new lightweight tools are over 30% lighter than the previous generation of TRUMPF tools and, indeed, the lightest on the market.  All of the new tools up to 300mm in length are also fitted with the TRUMPF Safety-Click mechanism. As a result, the physical effort involved in installing the tools is considerably reduced which, in turn, leads to shorter set-up times.

These new additions to the TRUMPF range are included in the new bending tool catalogue which is available by email request from or as a pdf download from As well detailing all the products in the range the publication also includes several tips and tricks from the TRUMPF bending experts. 

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