12 April 2019

Laser Lines launches new Datalogic range for laser marking

Laser Lines is proud to announce the launch of the new Datalogic Arex 400 range of fibre laser marking systems. Datalogic already has a strong, comprehensive and innovative range, but the new Arex 400 systems now offer the smallest laser head size presently available, which also comes with IP64 protection - due to the robust and high strength aluminium body design.

Designed to also meet robotic application needs, the Arex 400 systems come as standard with a high resistance single conduit head connection and the capability to operate at up to 40 Deg C, at 100% power.

The new laser head features also include the useful ‘Green-Spot’ feature, to give visible feedback on a completion of a successful marking action, along with optional height sensing, which is now also available.

The Datalogic Arex 400 laser controller now offers enhanced PC performance and connectivity, with low noise operation and washable filters (with improved dust and oil protection). Enhanced safety circuitry also makes sure that these systems are suitable for the most demanding OEM integrations and to meet the important safety demands of modern industry, as standard. Extended repetition rates and additional optional features are also now added to the Datalogic range.

The new Datalogic Arex 400 range is available for demonstration at Laser Lines Banbury, with the range including 10W, 20W, 20W MOPA, 30W and 50W power options.

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