15 October 2020

ASTES4 completes fully automated cell installation

Automation of laser cutting and sorting is not just for mass production – Astes4 recently completed the installation of a fully automated cell at the site of an Italian laser cutting subcontractor. The fully automated cell starts with the delivery of sheet metal up to 25 mm thick from a tower system onto the Mitsubishi Laser Cutting Machine Shuttle table. The nesting pattern can be pre-loaded with all the sorting information beforehand, at the start of a shift. Laser cutting takes place rapidly with a high power fibre laser and then the finished sheet is automatically shuttled to the unloading and sorting position. At this point the A4SORT system picks up the parts in turn (taking 1 to 4 parts simultaneously depending on shape, size and orientation) and places them onto pallets for kitting. Each pallet can be dedicated to a unique customer and these pallets can be handled by a conveyor, Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) or a forklift truck.


In the photos you can see one of the most advanced installations in Europe in terms of automation from raw material to finished kits. This system is available right now in the UK market to be tailored to existing laser cutting and tower systems or supplied as a complete turnkey solution for the automated job shop.

Further information, video and photos are available on request.

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