22 October 2020

New model Laser Mould Cleaner AIMC-1000 from P-Laser

LaserAge, in cooperation with our partner P-Laser, is proud to announce the Laser Mould Cleaner AIMC-1000.  It was launched at Glasstec Virtual 20-22 Oct 2020.

P-Laser presents the new industry standard for cleaning glass moulds.  The first model was introduced in 2017 in by our Australian partners, Automation Innovation.  It has been running 24/7 for 3 years. The benefits of the inline application are less operational costs and stable glass quality.  Now, a complete updated version has been designed with 3D-scanning technology. The AIMC-1000 uses our 1000 watt high power laser to clean the surface, ensuring that only the contaminant is removed with no damage to the parent mould material.  The state of the art 3D-scanning technology allows the machine to clean any type of mould with extreme precision.   Glass mould cleaning made greener, safer and more efficient!

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