28 January 2021

InnoLas UK launches novel laser in vacuum (ILiV) system

Laser welding in a vacuum enables high quality, high aspect ratio welds to be made and can give up to 4 times the penetration of atmospheric laser beam welding. This process is relatively new and combines the benefits of laser welding and electron beam welding. Clean and consistent welds are achieved with the process and some of the undesirable aspects of electron beam, like the requirement for a high voltage and a high vacuum, are avoided. There are also no X-rays generated by the process.

In response to an increase in demand for laser in vacuum systems, Innolas UK has launched a new Laser-in-Vacuum Processing system, ILiV420. This comprises a welded steel construction chamber with a generous internal 0.42m3 volume, it provides superb stability and precision and is suitable for use within any industrial environment.

The key benefits of fibre optic beam delivery, unique to laser processing, can be exploited in laser-in-vacuum welding. This enables, if required, multiple fibre outputs from a single laser source and remote location of the laser from the welding chamber for increased flexibility of installation.

The standard chamber can accommodate 300 mm travel X/Y linear stages and rotary stages to suit customer requirements. Bespoke chamber size, component handling, process monitoring, HMI options and vacuum systems can also be provided.

The InnoLas ILiV420 Class 1 laser vacuum processing system can accommodate a range of solid state laser sources including Nd:YAG, fibre laser or disk laser sources. The InnoLas ILiV420 system has been field-proven to provide high quality welds in a range of metals and alloys including stainless steel, titanium, tantalum, copper and aluminium.

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