4 February 2021

Laser tube cutting for beginners and experts from TRUMPF

TRUMPF has introduced two new models to its TruLaser Tube range, respectively aimed at those new to the technology or needing to boost capacity and experienced users who wish to ramp up production with a highly automated machine that can tackle almost anything.

The first is the new TruLaser Tube 3000 fiber, a cost-effective choice even when used at low to medium capacity.  The machine enables the versatile processing of tubes and profiles and replaces conventional tube processing steps such as sawing, drilling and milling.

The second newcomer addresses the needs of the established tube processor.  It is the TRUMPF TruLaser Tube 5000 fiber which is packed with optimised features to get the job done faster and to accommodate larger and heavier tubes.  This is a model that does almost everything automatically.  

Thanks to their solid-state technology, both machines can handle a wide range of materials from mild steel and stainless steel to non-ferrous metals such as copper and brass.  An extensive set of cutting data is pre-stored on the machines.

TruLaser Tube 3000 fiber: the starter kit for tube processing

The TruLaser Tube 3000 fiber covers a broad range of applications including profiles, round tubes, flat steel bars, L and U profiles.  It can cut tubes with diameters of up to 152 millimetres and profiles with an outer circumference of up to 170 millimeters. The self-centring clamping technology, which is designed to hold the tube in place and position it correctly during machining, adapts automatically to the tube dimensions without requiring manual setup by the operator.

Other important settings are also configured automatically. The AdjustLine function modifies cutting parameters at the touch of a button to ensure reliable cutting of lower-quality materials. SeamLine Tube detects weld seams and markings on the inner and outer surfaces of the tubes, helping operators check that the tubes are correctly aligned in the machine and that the weld seam is in the desired position in the finished part.

With its easy setup and high degree of automation, the TruLaser Tube 3000 fiber is a user-friendly machine that represents a cost-effective option for small batch sizes.  It cuts tubes weighing up to 18.5 kilograms per metre with material thicknesses of up to 8 millimetres. It is available in two lengths that accommodate either 6.5 or 8 metres of material. Thanks to the optional LoadMaster Tube automated loading system, the machine is also a cost-effective choice for higher-volume production runs. An integrated materials store known as the “bundle space” provides a buffer store that can hold up to 4 metric tons of raw material, or up to 5 tons with the machine version designed for an 8-metre loading length.

Users can make changes to the machine's production schedule or keep an eye on the machine using an app, making it even easier for the operator to keep track of the entire machining process in the TruLaser Tube 3000 fiber. A secure, OPC UA-based data interface is included to connect the machine to an ERP or MES system or to a cloud application, for example. TRUMPF machine apps provide information on program runtimes and machine capacity utilization.

TruLaser Tube 5000 fiber: the machine that can do almost anything

Enhancing the flexibility already provided by solid-state technology, the TruLaser 5000 fiber has a maximum loading weight of 25 kilograms per metre and four kilowatts of laser power that allows the machine to cut heavier, thicker-walled tubes.  It also offers the option to cater to larger outer circle diameters.  Users can now process square tubes with a side length of up to 130 millimetres and cut rectangular tubes up to an outer circle diameter of 180 millimetres.

Tube supports keep tubes in place during machining to ensure high-quality results.  The new machine also features step rollers which automatically adapt the machine to the current tube diameter.  And when switching between materials, the only step that is performed manually is nozzle exchange.  Everything else is handled by the machine automatically.  This increases productive time and makes it easier to process small batch sizes. 

The tried-and-tested RapidCut feature synchronises the movements of the tube axis and cutting head.  This achieves a fourfold increase in machine dynamics when cutting small contours.  Customers that choose the new TruLaser 5000 fiber also benefit from various options to integrate further processes in the machine, including a technology package for thread tapping.  This makes production even more efficient.

Any manufacturer already cutting and welding tubes conventionally or looking for new business opportunities is invited to the TRUMPF Digital Tube Days from February 8th – 12th 2021.  In addition to presentations by the company’s tube laser team, TRUMPF experts can also provide advice on specific part design.  To register go to Digital Tube Days | TRUMPF

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