17 February 2021

Bystronic Inc. and MSS Nitrogen Inc. enter into Strategic Partnership agreement to supply Nitrogen Generation and Gas Mixing products

Bystronic Inc. and MSS Nitrogen Inc. have entered into a partnership agreement to supply NitroCube - Bystronic N2 Generation powered by MSS, and NitrO2 Mixing – Bystronic NitrO2 Mixing powered by MSS into the North America market. MSS Inc., located in Rockhill, SC will supply the Bystronic Nitrogen Generation and Mixing products as well as provide installation, training and service. Bystronic Inc. will be responsible for the sales and distribution of these products. Bystronic will offer both the NitroCube and NitrO2 products powered by MSS; each model will have a specific scope of application based on the requirements of the customer.

NitroCube provides the guaranteed lowest cost and highest purity for Nitrogen. NitroCube is ideally suited to meet the demands of today’s ever-increasing Fiber laser cutting requirements. Typical Nitrogen purity generated by the NitroCube is 99.999% and systems are carefully sized using information based on user consumption figures, assuring correct flow and storage capacity. All NitroCube models deliver pressures at 4,350PSI and are modular and expandable retroactively if required. NitroCube standard models provide volumes from 11,000 ft3/day to 42,000 ft3/day. NitroCube high-flow range models provide volumes from 59,000 ft3/day to 169,500 ft3/day and with combined units up to 378,000 ft3/day, while reliably maintaining purity levels up to 99.999%. NitroCube provides the lowest cost for nitrogen and a short term ROI compared to the costs of traditional bulk liquid gas supply and endless long-term contracts. There is no longer any need to transport gas. You only produce as much nitrogen as you actually need, all the additional costs related to – rentals, delivery, and replacing cylinders are eliminated.

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