LaserAge House
101 Lissadell
Marlborough Hill

Tel: +353 87 608 0919
Fax: +353 21 4899 723

LaserAge was founded in 2001 and is a supplier of bespoke laser systems and laser accessories to manufacturing industry, from the multi-kilowatt high-power industrial laser processing systems, down to micro machining and photonics equipment. Leo has over 15 years working experience with laser technology. We disseminate laser processing expertise and position ourselves in the market to the transfer of laser technology through technology transrfer seminars and R&D activities. From Proof of concept to full production, we manage laser-based manufacturing projects in the aerospace, medical, semiconductor and tooling (injection moulding) industries. LaserAge has several International Distribution Agreements with laser OEMs for; laser cleaning, laser cladding (Additive Manufacture), laser hardening and weld repair.

  • Sales Contact Details
  • Leo Sexton
  • +353 87 608 0919
  • +353 21 4899 723

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