3D Lasertec Ltd

Mansfield I-Centre
Oakham Business Park
Hamilton Way
NG18 5BR

Tel: 01623 600627
Fax: 01623 600628

3D Lasertec offer a sub-contract laser engraving service for all industries. Established in February 1999. Having seen the laser process in the USA being used to great effect in the mould industry, we saw the potential of developing the laser capability for the entire engineering sector. 3D Lasertec has certainly moved on over the last few years and has developed good growth year on year thanks to the quality of the customer base which now extends through many engineering and non-engineering industries. The need for laser engraving on projects in industries previously not identified has encouraged the investment in the latest Foba G900 laser machine which is the largest and most powerful machine which produces full 3D profiles onto 3D contours and surfaces using its 5 axisÕs for the most sophisticated requirements.


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