200th sale of AMADA’s Ventis 4 kW fibre laser

AMADA has announced that in 2023 it reached 200 VENTIS-AJ 4 kW machines sold in Europe. The 200th machine, which uses AMADA’s unique Locus Beam Control technology, provides performance similar to that of a standard 6 kW solid-state laser.

Alongside the existing 4 kW, the new 6 kW variant was launched at AMADA’s manufacturing facility in France. This new higher power variant can provide similar performances to a 8-10 kW standard laser. 

Since its launch in late 2019, AMADA’s VENTIS-AJ 4 kW fibre laser achieved its 100th order in November 2021. The landmark 200th order was received less than 15 months after this, highlighting the fact that European customers are embracing the benefits of LBC technology at an increasing rate. Achieving productivity similar to higher power machines, while using less power, has been a focus for customers over recent years, reducing the overall cost-per-part and making them more competitive.  

Contact: Gary Belfort