Aerotech’s Automation1 offers more flexibility & dependability

Aerotech Inc has introduced a new version of Automation1 motion control.

Version 2.6 brings the sockets interface’s official release, a more intelligent Machine Setup and Configure workspace, additional MachineApps customisation options, API improvements and more.

“We want users to easily take control of their motion systems’ performance and of their teams,” said Daniel Hong, controls product manager at Aerotech. “That drives every Automation1 improvement we make. Automation1 users can confidently unlock a whole world of precision they might not have been tapping into before.”

Recent developments in the Automation1 motion control platform include:

– Easier connectivity. Connect to the Automation1 controller via Modbus TCP/IP or by a simple sockets interface. Modbus TCP/IP is now supported on both PC- and drive-based (as beta) hardware control platforms. The sockets interface allows users to communicate between the Automation1 controller and other devices over TCP. 

– Improved tuning techniques. The new MultisinePlus frequency response type enables better tuning of high-friction systems and systems with known signal-to-noise issues. This EasyTune feature is now the default response type in the Automation1 Studio’s frequency response tool.

– Configure systems faster. Work faster and smarter with improved configuration tools.  The Machine Setup configuration wizard has added intelligence targeted at system upgrades and configuration changes. After initial setup, the Machine Setup tool tracks changes and updates appropriate items only, enabling your team and reducing errors.    

– User-focused improvements. Version 2.6 adds features developers value, including better HMI brand management, more user-accessible information, improved tools for writing and reading files, improved software wizards and several AeroScript programming language improvements. 

– Power user API improvements. Stream long program files to the controller easily using the new Command Queue capabilities for the .NET and C APIs.  Controller help documentation has been added for the LabVIEW instrument driver. 


Contact: Derrick Jepson