AILU’s AGM approves new President and Officers team

The Association of Industrial Laser Users (AILU) held its AGM on 31 May 2023, where Ric Allott (STFC) was elected as the AILU President and Paola De Bono (TWI) & Richard Carter (Heriot-Watt University) were elected as Vice Presidents.

This is Ric’s second period of office as President, the first being 2015-2017. AILU’s new Officers join Dave MacLellan who remains as AILU’s Executive Director.

AILU looks forward to an exciting time ahead, moving on from the post-covid period, with plenty of live events culminating in its flagship event, ILAS 2025.  The outgoing President (Adam Clare, University of Nottingham) and Vice President (Mike Poulter, TRUMPF) made strides forward by defining AILU’s Purpose, Vision & Mission and creating an Internal and External Working Group, to progress AILU’s growth and development within the UK and further afield. Ric Allott aims at driving these initiatives forwards to grow laser adoption and maximise the benefits of industrial laser technology to society. The value and benefit of AILU to its members will remain at the centre of Committee activities.

Other new faces on the AILU Committee include Nesma Aboulkhair (University of Nottingham & TII (UEA)), Chris Peters (UKAEA) and Pratik Shukla (MTC). Stan Wilford of IPG Photonics makes a welcome return to the committee after a break of a number of years.

Click the following link to find out more about AILU’s Committee, including all current members.

Contact: Dave MacLellan