AILU’s Rising Star Award 2023 goes to Adam Birtwell, Graham Engineering

A number of AILU Awards were presented at the ILAS 2023 Symposium Dinner which took place on 22nd March 2023. The winner of AILU’s Rising Star Award was Adam Birtwell of Graham Engineering.

This award is designed to help encourage people in the early stages of their career to develop their interests in laser technology and applications. The award is presented to an individual for a significant piece of work, which has led to real or potential economic gain for the parent organisation and that preferably has wider benefit for the industrial laser use community.

The 2023 Award recognised Adam’s work in developing challenging welding parameters in robotic welding of duplex steels and titanium. The challenge required achieving acceptable results in difficult geometries which required great skill and application of experience.

Pictured (left to right) are Dave MacLellan (AILU Executive Director), Adam Birtwell, Adam Clare (AILU President), Ian Fraser (Graham Engineering), Stan Wilford (IPG Photonics).

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