ALE announces 25th installation of Twin Track technology

Applied Laser Engineering (ALE) is pleased to announce that the global demand for Twin Track means it has already reached the 25th successful installation milestone, and with more orders already in process the momentum continues to grow. 

This advanced technology is the one of the many reasons ALE are the connoisseur’s supplier of choice for Laser Engraving Systems in the anilox and coatings sectors. 
Twin Track is an easy to understand and importantly, easy to use, technical innovation. In very simplest terms Twin Track is predicated upon “shallower, flatter bottomed cells”. However, growing from such apparent simplicity is a multiplicity of printing operational advantages: 
•Shallower flat bottomed cell profiles give higher volume for a given depth. 
•Shallower flat bottomed cells release more of the ink held in a cell. 
•Shallower flatter bottomed cells are easier to clean. 
•Shallower flatter bottomed cells are less prone to plug. 
•This gives rise to longer print runs before cleaning. 
•Anilox roller cleaning is more efficient, less time & effort spent. 
•Due to the improvement in ink release, higher print density can be achieved at higher press speed.

Further details can be found here and on the ALE website (below).

Contact: Kyle Dixon