AMADA unveils new sheetmetal processing machines

This autumn, the AMADA Group will be exhibiting at various events in Japan, the United States, and Europe, including JIMTOF 2022 (Japan, November), EuroBLECH 2022 (Germany, October), and FABTECH 2022 (USA, November).

AMADA will introduce fibre laser machines and bending machines equipped with the new AMNC 4ie NC control to meet the needs of each region.

Against the backdrop of the spread of COVID-19 and heightened geopolitical risks related to the situation in Ukraine, manufacturing industries in various countries are facing a serious shortage of human resources in association with reshoring. As the manufacturing workplace also becomes more and more diverse, there is also the issue of passing on skills due to language barriers. Furthermore, achieving carbon neutrality in the industrial supply chain is an urgent issue, and the sheet metal industry is no exception.

The fibre laser machines and bending machines developed in response to these needs have evolved into environmentally friendly machines that can be used anywhere, by anyone, and revolutionise conventional sheet metal processing.

The new AMNC 4ie NC unit is designed to respond to social and environmental issues and supports manufacturing sites around the world based on the concept of four Es: Easy (can be used by anyone), Efficiency (can be used anywhere, even remotely), Environment (environmentally friendly), and Evolution (developed with customers). Fibre laser machines equipped with the AMNC 4ie control automatically adjust their chillers and compressors when idling, reducing CO2 emissions by up to 65%. They also authenticate the operator’s face in order to automatically activate the operation screen and display the proper language in accordance with the operator’s skill level. They have evolved into easy-to-use machines that respond to the diversity of the workplace.

The fibre laser machine can monitor its CO2 emissions thanks to the AMNC 4ie control. Our customers can easily create reports to submit to business partners. Furthermore, the machine can be operated remotely from a mobile device, allowing not only for remote monitoring of the operation status of the machine, but also centralised management of materials, scheduling and processing. It also enables a single person to operate multiple machines, which helps increase productivity per person.

The bending machine drive system has changed from a hydraulic hybrid drive to electric servomotor drive in response to the demands of the times. As a result, highly accurate processing is achieved while electrical consumption and running costs are greatly reduced. In addition, the machine incorporates AI functionality that reduces the operator’s setup work, which helps to improve productivity. It also features a unique guidance system that was developed based on AMADA’s expertise in sheet metal bending processing, which has been cultivated with our customers over many years. The mobile HMI, which follows the operator, advises the operator with icons and voice guidance when performing difficult or dangerous tasks. Beginners can work with peace of mind, feeling as though they were being guided by skilled workers, so a quicker realisation of personnel capabilities can be expected.

In addition, at each of these exhibitions we will be introducing automation solutions and field management software tailored to the needs of each region.

The AMADA Group will contribute to solving issues by developing new solutions that address the need to contribute to the reduction of environmental load, as well as digital technologies that eliminate the need for skills in processing, allow skills to be passed on more easily, and optimise and automate the entire factory. We will support the entire manufacturing industry by working with our customers to improve overall productivity.

Contact: Ana Diogo