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The Association of Laser Users (AILU) was established in 1995 as an independent, non-profit making organisation run by and for laser users involved in activities including manufacturing, healthcare, academic and industrial research; as well as suppliers of laser-related products and services. Our current corporate members include leading players in the UK laser materials community.

The aims and objectives of the association are set out in its Memorandum and Articles of Association.

They include, in particular, the fostering of co-operation and collaboration and the dissemination of information, experience and expertise relating to industrial laser technology, laser materials processing; its applications and related technologies.

AILU President

Dr Jon Blackburn, TWI

President's Message
From AILU's quarterly magazine The Laser User
Issue 97 Summer 2020.

"Greetings fellow laser users!

I hope you and your families are all keeping safe and well, and are engaged in appropriate social distancing measures to help keep the R number down. That’s not a sentence I thought I would have been writing at the beginning of the year. To be totally honest, not being an epidemiologist (note - I’m still surprised these aren’t skin specialists), it is not a sentence I would have understood either. Like many readers, I’m much more familiar with beam-matter interactions, Rayleigh lengths, material properties and challenges like thermal lensing. That’s not to say these things aren’t important in the current situation – we’re aware of numerous success stories where the AILU community is supporting the UK and other Governments in addressing the current crisis, through the manufacture of PPE, for example. Our enormous thanks at AILU go out to anyone helping tackle the current situation, whether part of the AILU community or not.

Although it is difficult to look too far into the future at the moment, industrial lasers are well placed to support the economic recovery that the UK and other countries will desperately need. Many of the arising manufacturing challenges around future mobility (e.g. electrification), clean energy (e.g. hydrogen and small modular reactors), and ageing societies (e.g. personalised health care) can be met through the adoption of industrial laser technology. The 1 Billion Euro Green Deal programme, funded by the European Commission as part of H2020, will add further momentum to activities in these areas. This call is now out, and UK participants are still eligible.

At AILU, work carries on despite the inability for us to currently hold physical events. There is more inside about a recent successful virtual workshop on electrification, run by TWI’s Paola de Bono. We’ll be looking to use a similar format for future workshops.

Work on the new website continues – with the AILU team expecting this to be online soon. And planning for a physical ILAS 2021 is in full swing, albeit with contingency plans in place for a virtual or hybrid physical-virtual event if needs must. Look out for updates on the ILAS 2021 website (www.ilas2021.co.uk)."



The organisation of AILU is under the direction of an elected standing committee made up of representatives from the UK industrial laser community. Elections are held annually at the Annual General Meeting. (See Joining the AILU committee and Officers and Committee)

AILU provides a wide range of general services to laser users and suppliers and hosts a number of special interest groups (SIGs) to better support members who have particular interests in common. These include a Job Shop SIG (established in 1995, with 86 members*) for subcontract laser-based engineering companies; a Market Development SIG  (established in 2005, with 240 members*) for suppliers of laser-related products and services; a Medical SIG (established in 2007, with 55 members*) for clinicians, manufacturers using lasers for manufacture of medical devices and suppliers of laser-related products and services; and the Micro:Nano SIG, AILU’s newest, launched in mid 2008 at AILU's 10th microprocessing workshop.”


The current activities of AILU include:

AILU’s Membership

Application for membership of AILU is open to the industrial laser community worldwide, and those with an interest in this community and its activities. We currently have approximately 300 members, made up of mainly manufacturing industry including laser job shops (40%), suppliers of laser-related products and services (30%) and research and consultancy organisations (25%). 

To find out more about AILU membership click here.

See member benefits to review how membership could benefit you.

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