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Officers and Roles

Roles of President, Vice-President and Executive Secretary


AILU has three officers, who also serve as Company Directors. They are the President, Vice-President and Company Secretary. They are each appointed annually at the AGM by the membership and by election. The positions are unpaid, with tenure for one year, although re-election to each office is permitted.

To provide continuity, the serving Vice-President becomes President–elect, subject to receiving acceptance by majority vote at the AGM.  By accepting office, both President and Vice-President also accept becoming AILU Directors (ie formally registered at Companies House) for the duration of their appointment to office.

The AGM is also responsible for voting on a recommendation of the position of Secretary. For profoundly practical reasons, the AILU standing committee nominee for secretary is always the committee secretary, the representative of the AILU secretarial service provider.  Following selection at the AGM, the Executive Secretary becomes the only nominee for AILU Company Secretary and is formally appointed to this office and as a third AILU Director by the President and Vice-President.


The day-to-day management of AILU is the responsibility of the secretarial service provider, appointed under annual contract by the AILU standing committee.  The AILU officers, with the support of the committee, are responsible for setting the strategy and direction of the organization (ie the guidance of the secretarial service provider) in–line with approved policy and membership wishes.

Specifically, the officer responsibilities are:


  • Be formal point of contact for AILU with outside organization eg government agencies, other trade associations, et c.
  • Chair AILU committee meetings and AGM.
  • Negotiate and recommend annual secretarial service contract.
  • Lead committee e.g. recommend strategy/policy, set membership, service and financial targets, initiate actions, et c.
  • Ensure good governance of AILU eg oversee financial probity of all activities, that AILU meets all legal/government requirements and standards, et c.
  • Hold Director’s meetings as required, and report such to committee.
  • Recommend and appoint sub/working-group leaders.



  • Support and deputise (as required) for President and Company Secretary.

Executive Secretary:     

  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date financial accounts for AILU
  • Report on the financial implications of proposed AILU activities
  • Organise the AGM and other formally required events
  • Ensure secretarial service provider meets legislative and contractual requirements in so far as they concern AILU e.g. related to health and safety, event insurance (liability cover), conditions of employment, et c.

Be main communication link between all committee and secretarial service provider.

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