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AILU is a UK-based organisation but membership is not restricted to the UK and indeed 20% of AILU members are spread worldwide, mainly over mainland Europe. Essentially. AILU is open to all who have an interest in the applications of laser materials processing. 

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AILU Membership Rates (2017/18)
AILU annual membership rates begin on 1 December each year. If you join at any other time of the year the fee for the first year is calculated pro rata, the period to 1 December rounded down to a whole number of months.



Key benefits of AILU Membership
When you join AILU you become part of a dynamic network of users and suppliers of laser and laser related technology, offering you a wealth of knowledge and information.To facilitate your access to this AILU offers:

  • The Laser User, AILU's comprehensive quarterly members-only magazine
  • Access to the members area of the AILU Website: Forums; Virtual Laser Expert; Design for Laser Manufacture site: hundreds of technical articles; picture library.
  • Training and Networking: Free over the phone consultancy; Workshops; Member Directories; Special Interest Groups.
  • Website: free multiple entries in AILU’s Products and Services Directory.

AILU Member Activities

In order to cater for the disparate interests of its members, AILU offers a wide range of activities. We recommend that you follow the link below that most accurately describes your own or your organisation's principle laser-related activities and interests. It will take you to a listing of activities with descriptions and in the order that will help you identify the benefits of membership.

Click on the description that best marches yours or your organisations situation regarding lasers:

Who is AILU for?
The main groupings within AILU are:

  • Those using lasers or laser fabricated components as part of an in-house manufacturing process.
  • Laser job shops.
  • University departments, research institutes and consultants in laser processing.
  • Machine builders, laser system integrators, and equipment suppliers.
  • Associations and other organisations with a direct or indirect interest in laser technology and applications.


See Memorandum and Articles of Association here


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