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The Micro:Nano SIG was launched at AILU's 10th microprocessing workshop in June 2008. Lasers are a key technology in the micro and nano-engineering fields, where they provide high-resolution, accuracy, speed and flexibility. The engineering of micro features is key to the technical and commercial success of many mass-produced components ranging from photovoltaic cells, inkjet print heads and flat panel displays, to MEMS components and disposable medical instruments. It is to address the special needs of this burgeoning sector that AILU launched the Micro:Nano group.

Free Membership of the Micro:Nano Group
Membership of the Micro:Nano Group is free to AILU members and non-members alike.

The activities of the Micro:Nano Group will address the interests of laser processing

Message from the Chair by Jack Gabzdyl

July 2013

Interest in laser micro processing is certainly on the up. For example, 6 of the 16 technical sessions of the most recent Industrial Laser Applications Symposium (ILAS 2013) were devoted to micro-machining! These presentations covered applications for a broad range of lasers, wavelengths and pulse durations, and the processing of an equally diverse range of materials. The overall message was certainly that lasers are good at making small features! So whether you are looking to manufacture fibre optic cantilever sensors or want to texture a surface to control cell behaviour, lasers are the tool of choice and more importantly these lasers are invariably pulsed.

The use of Ultra Short Pulse lasers is certainly gaining momentum and the use of short pulse durations (<1ns), with high peak powers and small processing spot sizes generates the extreme energy intensity that generates high quality machining that many end users are looking for. What is perhaps intriguing about operating in the USP regime is that exact laser wavelength becomes of less importance to the processing.

The number of suppliers offering industrial sources is also increasing and at the recent Munich World of Photonics exhibition in May, USP lasers had high visibility. What is still the case is that short pulses still command a significant premium, with USP lasers costing an order of magnitude more in terms of £/W than some ns-pulse fibre laser sources.

The UK has a strong background in micro-machining, both on an academic and laser source/system integration level. There is also a thriving related exhibition - MM, MEMs & Nano Live UK - which this year takes place on 25-26 September at the NEC Birmingham. The event has been growing year on year, bucking the trend of many other exhibitions where visitor numbers have been in decline. AILU’s Micro & Nano Special Interest Group helps network the UK’s interests in micro laser processing. Its annual workshop provides an excellent forum for promoting and sharing the latest innovations in laser sources, systems and applications with a combination of inputs from academia, suppliers system builders and end users.
Members who would like to be involved should contact me or the AILU office.

Dr Jack Gabzdyl
E: jack.gabzdyl@spilasers.com


professionals involved in producing products, processes, devices and instrumentation for all sectors. All members will be mailed relevant news and events information as and when we receive it and will be offered the opportunity to shape future events and other Micro:Nano Group activities. As well as enjoying the AILU magazine, workshop discounts, free consultancy and networking benefits, AILU members of the Micro:Nano Group can participate in discussions on the dedicated Micro:Nano forum in the members area of the website.

The Micro:Nano Group activities and events are done in partnership with the Nanotechnology KTN and the Photonics KTN.


Joining the Micro:Nano Group
To join the Micro:Nano Group simply email the AILU Office.

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