Awards galore at AILU’s ILAS 2023 Symposium Dinner

Congratulations to the recipients of the AILU Fellowship Award (Neil Main, Micrometric), the AILU Innovation Award – group or organisation (2023 Award to Civan Laser, 2021 Award to SPI Lasers (now TRUMPF)) and AILU President Award (Adam Clare, Universities of Nottingham & British Columbia, Canada).

Image (left to right): Christian Dini (Civan Lasers), Jack Gabzdyl (TRUMPF Lasers UK), Adam Clare (Universities of Nottingham & British Columbia, Canada), Neil Main (Micrometric)

The AILU Fellowship Award recognises an individual AILU member who has made an outstanding lifetime contribution to the industrial use of lasers. The 2023 winner, Neil Main of Micrometric, has been actively working in the laser industry since 1982. He was instrumental in starting AILU and has been involved with the Association since its inception. He was voted President of AILU in 2013 for a two-year tenure. The encouragement, persistence and good will demonstrated by Neil has been invaluable to AILU over more than 25 years. Neil’s company, Micrometric Ltd, is a leader in the laser processing of materials and uses state-of-the-art laser manufacturing services to produce fine parts and precision components for its customers. As the Managing Director of a laser job shop, Neil has also been a strong supporter of AILU’s Job Shop Special Interest Group.

The AILU Innovation Award 2023 for a group or organisation went to Civan Lasers and was accepted by Christian Dini on Civan’s behalf. The 2023 Award recognised a breakthrough in the application of dynamic beam shaping, using coherent beam combining to alter the laser beam geometry in nanoseconds. This opens the door to a world of new application results especially in laser welding, where improved keyhole stability and reductions in spatter can be achieved by radical dynamic beam shaping at the highest possible frequencies.

The 2021 Innovation Award was won by SPI Lasers (now TRUMPF) and had been presented virtually due to the pandemic.  At this year’s ILAS, Jack Gabzdyl was able to accept the Award in person on behalf of SPI Lasers (now TRUMPF).

Adam Clare of the University of Nottingham & University of British Columbia, Canada, became AILU President in April 2021. His strong leadership of the AILU Steering Committee (along with Vice President Mike Poulter, TRUMPF) has refreshed and redefined AILU in terms of its Purpose, Vision and Mission. Adam leaves his 2-year tenure shortly in the secure knowledge that AILU is well positioned to evolve and push forward over the coming years.