Bystronic adds to ByCut Smart product range

Bystronic’s tried-and-tested ByCut Smart is now also available for sheets measuring 4 x 2 metres. The ByCut Smart 4020 can be equipped with laser powers from 3 to 15 kW and is “ready for automation”. 

Automation solutions for fibre laser cutting have a clear advantage: they increase the utilisation of the laser cutting system to the maximum and relieves time-consuming material handling. Both of these benefits mean that cutting jobs can be carried out faster and more cost-effectively than before. This automatically leads to greater competitiveness.

More loading capacity thanks to shuttle table

The 4020 is also available with the new, heavy-duty shuttle table design. Thanks to this concept, the ByCut Smart can be loaded with up to 40 millimetres over the entire surface of both tables or 60 millimetres over the entire surface of one table. This means that a significantly higher maximum load on the shuttle table can be acieved compared to the current 30 millimetres and can produce much thicker parts. This delivers significantly more production flexibility.

“The new ByCut Smart 4020 now offers our customers the opportunity to cut sheets measuring 4 x 2 meters quickly and to a high standard of quality. This means that more and larger parts can be cut per pass, thereby reducing production costs. This means more competitive advantages and greater profitability.” Ulrike Laubner-Kelleher, Product Manager Cutting

Many possibilities

The ByCut Smart – 3015 or 4020 – is characterised by a high level of configurability. Smart features such as the Nozzle Control Tool (NCT) and KerfScan, the Parameter Wizard or cutting with MixGas in addition to high laser power ensure higher cutting quality as well as increased productivity and more flexibility in your business.

Fast and robust

The ByCut Smart 4020 is characterised by a fast cutting process and extremely low maintenance requirements. This guarantees you high machine availability, a long service life and also more profit per part. You benefit from a wide range of applications: In addition to steel, stainless steel and aluminum, you can also process non-ferrous metals with first-class cutting quality.


Contact: Andrew Richert